Follow These 5 Tips Before Hiring An Portland SEO Service Provider

Everyone knows how crowded and fast-paced, large cities can be. It is not uncommon to spend hours in traffic just trying to go a few miles down the road. If you are a traveling sales rep in a large city, such long travel times can be troublesome and time-consuming.

Because of the time drain involved which ultimately results in lower earnings, many business owners have started using the Internet to reach new customers and to increase revenues. Unfortunately, finding online success is a lot harder than it used to be.

More companies turn to the Internet every day in search of a competitive edge, which makes it more difficult to compete in the online marketplace. Still, when done correctly, SEO Portland offers an excellent return for business owners on their investment. Because more people turn to Google today for their purchasing decisions instead of the phonebook, potential customers must be able to find your business on Google.

However, many business owners just don’t have the time necessary to market their business online successfully. They are often far too busy running their business to keep up to date with all the techniques and guidelines required for achieving top positions in the search engines.

These business owners still won’t take advantage of the opportunity online marketing offers them and their business, so it makes sense for them to hire an Portland SEO agency to do this work for them. If you’re a business owner who is thinking about hiring an Portland Search Engine Optimization professional, keep the five tips below in mind to make sure whoever you hire will be able to put together an SEO strategy that will be effective for your business.

Tip #1 – Go local: Thanks to the Internet and communication technology advancements, communicating globally in real time is easier today than ever. Because it is so easy to talk to someone on the other side of the world, it may be tempting to hire an SEO agency in another country.

While this sounds like a good idea at first, unfortunately, the Internet has also made it easier for scam artists to rip people off. To avoid having this happen to you, you should only consider hiring an SEO that you can meet in person.

This will be much easier to do if you hire someone in your local area which is close enough to meet in person should the need arise. Face to face interactions is a much better way to get a feel for a person than merely relying on e-mail, text, and phone calls. Anytime you’re dealing with large sums of cash; it pays to be cautious until you’re comfortable with the person you may be doing business with.

By meeting in person, you can develop a stronger relationship with your Portland Oregon SEO provider that should ultimately result in a more beneficial campaign for both of you.

Tip #2 – Overseas Outsourcing Is a No-No: When interviewing your local SEO provider, one of the first things you should ask is whether or not they will be outsourcing any of their SEO work overseas. If so, hiring them defeats the purpose of going local. If you wanted an overseas service provider, you wouldn’t be looking for someone local.

Many SEO service providers outsource their work overseas to foreign companies because foreign companies will do the job a lot cheaper than is available in the U.S. They won’t pass these savings on to you, however. They’ll still charge you full price and keep the savings for themselves. The work quality will suffer as well. Many overseas providers have poor English skills, and may not know anything about the place they’re creating content for. It is also quite common for them to use automation software for content generation and link building practices that Google frowns upon which can end up in penalties being applied to your website. Engaging in such techniques is one of the main reasons overseas providers are able to do the work so cheaply.

And, as is often the case when it comes to saving money, you’ll be getting what you paid for. Having such poor quality work associated with your brand can put off potential customers because it looks so unprofessional. Acquiring new customers is difficult enough as it is, so avoid practices that make your business look bad.

Tip #3 – Have a Customized Plan Prepared: Putting together the right plan for your website requires professional analysis and proper planning. Each website’s SEO needs are different. You may be tempted to invest in a one size fits all SEO package to try and cut corners, but you most likely won’t achieve the results you desire. It may even make things worse, so don’t do it.

Reputable providers of search engine optimization services understand each business is different and understands customized solutions will be required. Putting together a successful SEO strategy requires taking all sorts of variables into consideration, including the market you’re in, the goals you hope to achieve, and even the type of products or services you provide.

Any SEO Portland Oregon provider who doesn’t understand the importance of having a customized plan that addresses the specific needs of your business should be shown the door.

Tip #4 – Request Progress Reports: Another critical tip is to make sure regular progress reports will be provided by your SEO specialist.

These reports are typically delivered once a month. Each report should contain details outlining the work that has been done and tracking data that shows any ranking changes that have occurred. Without being regularly updated via these reports, you can’t even be sure any work is being done at all.

To avoid having it get lost in the shuffle of paperwork you probably already have, make an effort to go over each report as soon as possible after receiving it so you can verify the work is being done, and that progress in regards to your business goals is being achieved.

Tip #5 – Be Safe: Choosing an Portland SEO provider for your SEO services isn’t easy.

Even when done correctly, it takes time for positive results from your SEO efforts to materialize. It’s this delayed benefit aspect that makes it easy for scammers to take advantage of legitimate business owners who are merely trying to improve their business. They keep promising their clients that positive results are coming, but really all they’re doing is telling you what you want to hear while pocketing your money each month.

To avoid getting mixed up with a bogus SEO provider, avoid those promising to provide SEO services at a meager price. The cost of legitimate SEO services typically ranges between $750 and $5,000 each month. Any SEO provider offering to work for less is most likely engaging in tactics and practices frowned upon by Google which could result in penalties being applied to your site should Google catch on…and they will catch on eventually.
So Choose Your Portland SEO Expert Wisely

No one said finding an SEO specialist you can count on would be an easy task. It can be less complicated than it has to be, however, and your chance at success will be improved if you just follow the 5 tips mentioned in this article.

Don’t rush into choosing an SEO partner. Take your time researching potential providers, and make sure you feel comfortable with any provider you’re considering before moving forward. And don’t forget, it may take awhile to see any benefits from your SEO efforts. However, with proper planning and the right strategy, you should eventually see an improvement in your search engine rankings which should ultimately result in the increased revenues you’re after.

How To Select A Local SEO Agency In 2018

Local SEO is critical to your success. It is essential to understand the benefits of local SEO, especially when you are looking for a local SEO agency. Search has evolved because more customers are going local. Do not miss out on this traffic.

Whether you are a hairdresser, pet store, or restaurant chain, choosing the right local SEO agency in 2018 can be challenging. If you are a smart business owner, hire a reputable local SEO agency because you are entrusting your online presence success to a complete stranger.

The best local SEO agencies are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professionals. Hire them.

Here’s how to select a local SEO agency in 2018.

Is the Agency Knowledgeable in Local SEO

The best local SEO agencies have ranked hundreds of websites. They focus on Local SEO, so they have learned and mastered several local SEO strategies. An excellent local SEO agency knows how to get local exposure and how to get clicks from local searchers. Avoid SEO agencies that do not know anything about local SEO.

Avoid Checking Rankings

Do not hire a local SEO agency based on ranking alone. Some of the SEO agencies that appear on top of the Search Results are not that great. Do your homework. Choose a local SEO agency that offers the best services and fits your business’s needs.

Ask several local SEO agencies to show you some of their work. Find out how the agency has helped different businesses overcome several challenges. If they have worked with companies similar to yours and these businesses are successful right now, hire those local SEO agencies.

Link Building Strategy

Link building is essential when ranking websites in Search Engines. A useful link building strategy increases the ranking of a website. Ask the local SEO agency how it plans to build backlinks. Be cautious, especially when you find an SEO agency that has big promises.

Reputable SEO agencies do not offer bold claims, and they do not guarantee results. They rank websites using proven link building strategies. And they are not afraid of sharing their link building strategies with their potential customers. Avoid local SEO agencies that do not have the best link building strategies.

Interview Several Local SEO Agencies

Choosing a local SEO agency is like hiring an employee. You do not retain the first person you meet. And you do not interview one person. When you are looking for a reputable local SEO agency, do not hire the first local SEO agency you will come across.

Interview several local SEO agencies if you want to know the best agency that will give you the results you want. Ask them several questions. Are they knowledgeable? How long do they take before answering your questions?

Do not hire a local SEO agency that does not know anything about local SEO.

Ask for Case Studies

The best local SEO agencies have case studies. They have been helping businesses improve the Search Engines ranking for several years. They will tell you how they rank these websites. And some of these local SEO agencies have case studies on their sites. Go through these case studies if you want to know the track record of the local SEO agency.

The Agency’s Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO agencies take different approaches depending on the target market and the nature of the business. There are some that specialize in one vertical. Find out the local SEO strategy of the SEO agency you want to hire. Will the SEO strategy achieve excellent results? Or does their SEO strategy work? If they have unproven local SEO strategy, avoid these SEO agencies. The best local SEO agencies will show you their local SEO strategies. They do not hide anything from you.

SEO Tools they Use

Ask about the tools that the local SEO agency uses. There are several SEO tools on the market. SEO tools make Search Engine Optimization easier. Ask the local SEO agency to explain their SEO tools. And why they are using them. This helps to know the overall SEO strategy of the local SEO agency.

Is On-Site SEO Required?

Does the local SEO agency create landing pages and restructure your website? Local SEO involves location pages, state pages, city pages, and even country pages. Learn how all this work together. And know the website development that is required.

Ask for Reference

The best local SEO agencies have worked with several people and businesses. Ask them for their list of their current and past clients. Do not hire a local SEO agency without check its references. Ask for the list of clients they helped with local SEO.

Does the Local Follows Webmasters’ Guidelines?

There is both right and wrong way of doing Search Engine Optimization. What is the right direction? It involves following the guidelines set by the Search Engines. And the wrong way consists in doing the opposite.

An excellent local SEO agency follows these guidelines. Hire that SEO agency, because it will never hurt your business. Most businesses are regularly penalized because they do not follow Search Engines’ guidelines. Make sure that your website follows these guidelines if you don’t want to lose your rankings.

The Latest Changes in Local SEO

The best local SEO agencies know about the latest changes in Local SEO. These SEO agencies rank websites for a living, so they spend most of their reading about local SEO. So, they know the latest changes in local SEO. And they change their local SEO strategies to keep up with the most recent changes.

Ask if the Local SEO Agency has Worked in Your Industry

Reputable local SEO agencies have worked in different industries. They may have worked with businesses in your industry, so they have experience in your industry, and they know the best local SEO strategies that work in your industry.

Do not hire local SEO agencies that do not have experience in your industry. They will waste your time and money.

You now know how to select a local SEO agency in 2018. The best local SEO agencies are experienced. They use the best local SEO strategies. They are affordable. They have enough experience in your industry. And they have the best link building strategies.